About me

Hi and thank you for visiting my page. Here you can find links to my music, view videos that I've made with my friends and find out about one of my shows next near you...

But really this is just a place I want to share my experience and work with you. 

My name is Sampa Tembo

I am spoken word poet songwriter and singer. I have been writing since I
was 9 years old. Since then, I have grown from just writing and listening to my music to speaking, singing and performing what I have written. From my growth I have learned to believe in myself and nurture who is within, with the goal of being the best Sampa I can be.

Changing myself and in essence changing the world.

Therefore I consider my music a journey of me. Im remembering myself and you as my friend, confidant, audience and listener are witnessing this.

The growth, the regress and the passion and pain. I consider my music as Art in a space in which I reflect my life experiences.

Not speak for any individual but as a place were I love myself and u share my experience.

Photo: Luke Stephenson